Before you reserve an order, please check some cautions below.

*Please fill out the “Reservation Form” below after you check the details of each product.

*Please ensure fill out the items of name and color correctly.

*Each form can be used once only, see if you need to reserve more than two items, please fill out another one and submit all of them.

*We are limited to 1 model, 1 color, and 1 item per customer.

*We will contact the customers by email if the products have been arranged.

*Please ensure your email address is correct because you will receive a confirmation mail after the booking information has been submitted.

*Your reservation has been confirmed when you receive our confirmation email.

*Please check the email contents are correct including the item name and color.

*After the products have been arranged, we will keep your order for one week, meanwhile, you will be guided to a payment email with a link.

*According to inflation, unfortunately, the product price might change after your reservation.

*In case, we may discontinue some products which you have reserved due to the leather supply or manufacturing plan.

Phone Number
Item Name

※Please fill out the name of leather and model.
Item Color
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