The WILDSWANS’ belt “BALLENA” is now available in a slim design.※こちらは海外のお客様向けのご案内です。



Full Grain Bridle Ballena 25mm  – 33,000 yen (tax included)

Belt width: 25mm



COLYTON, PISA, BALLENA… (*the name of belts)

These are WILDSWANS’ belts, but the width of all belts, including other models, has been set at 30mm. However, we would like to introduce “BALLENA 25mm,” a narrower belt with a width of 25mm, now available in our store on a limited basis.


The belt width of BALLENA 30mm has been adjusted to 25mm, creating a slimmer belt. The belt width of 5mm may not sound like much, but if you compare it with the 30mm width belt on the left side of the image, you can see how smart it is. The original belt width of 30mm is a standard size for belts, but most of Wildswans’ belts are made of thick and sturdy leather, and the belt itself has a strong presence.


The BALLENA 25mm belt is more understated due to its slim width and can be used with a variety of styles. It adds a touch of dressiness and modesty as the belt itself is made of a single piece of thick, full-grain bridle leather.


Full-grain bridle leather is manufactured with a natural texture without processing the surface of the leather. As a result, it may contain small scratches or uneven coloring that originate from the original hide or are caused by the leather manufacturing process.


The leather is available in three color variations: a deep dark “Black”, a balanced brown “dark stain”, and a light brown with yellow tints “London color”.


The edge of the belt is finished differently depending on the color of the leather. The finishing process involves “unpolishing” without dyeing the leather for the dark stain and London color. This allows you to appreciate the smooth cross-section and the high fiber density of the leather.

*Please be cautious when wearing it with light-colored clothing, as there is a possibility of dye transfer due to friction, moisture, and oil.


The three different colors have different vibes to match various styles of clothes. The genuine leather belt is a popular item because it fits well on the body and has a long service life. Good leather can last a long time with proper care, so choosing the right material is key.


A single-piece leather belt with a slim 25mm width. This item is made of high-quality full-grain bridle leather, and the slim belt width creates a unique style. You can purchase the item online or visit our store at WILDSWANS support & gallery in GINZA.


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