Introducing two compact models from WILDSWANS: TONGUE and ARTHUR.  ※こちらは海外のお客様向けのご案内です。



ARTHUR is a compact multi-card case with a unique side that expands and contracts based on storage space. It is a very compact multifunctional coin case that fits comfortably in the palm, similar in size to WILDSWANS’ TONGUE.



The flap includes a button for conveniently carrying up to 30 paper business cards, 15 plastic credit cards, and folded yen bills and coins which is all-in-one compact wallet.



In this less is more era, the back of ARTHUR is designed without any pockets, giving it an elegant look that will age better than those with pockets.




We offer various types of leather, but the most commonly invested one is saddle leather. This type of leather is mostly used in the equestrian industry for horse saddles due to its durability and reliability. If you have not used it before, saddle leather is a strong and long-lasting material that is worth considering.



Although it looks similar to TONGUE, which is another compact model that we will introduce below “TONGUE”, however, has more space and can hold more items.As we tell you, “TONGUE” is also a compact model that has more storage capacity than it appears. 



Because it has a partition inside, you can store cards and folded bills separately from coins also it is perfect for commuter passes, tickets, and other cards.



The product has a versatile design that can be used in various ways, such as a pass case, mini wallet, or coin purse. It has a simple yet functional design that includes a back pocket and a divider inside the coin purse.



We also offer a range of leather products that includes Full Grain Bridle Leather, Saddle Leather, Shell Cordovan, Crocodile, and more. In addition to our regular leather selection, we provide limited-edition leather options as well. So, you have the flexibility to choose the leather that suits your needs and preferences.



To summarize, both models are crafted from durable leather ensuring high resilience. These popular models from WILDSWANS are guaranteed to meet your needs. And don’t worry about out-of-stock items. Reserve them by filling out the sheet below.

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