One of the popular leather material of WILDSWANS ※こちらは海外のお客様向けのご案内です。


As we all know, WILDSWANS offers a diversity of leather in our products, such as full grain bridle leather, saddle pull up leather, or crocodile yet one of the popular leather among them is called “shrunken calf” and we are going to introduce this leather today.



First, PERRINGER has produced top-quality box calf leather since 1864 by combining five generations of tanning techniques with modern production methods. The calf is tanned using chrome, which preserves its natural suppleness, texture, and softness without hardening the leather.



This particular type of leather was created approximately 60 years ago which has a natural and irregular grain, resulting in variations in the size and depth of wrinkles across even a single piece of leather.



The advantage of this grain is that it is more resistant to bending and stretching, and it is also more resistant to scratches, and it does not show scratches. Chrome-tanned leather is typically more pliable than vegetable-tanned leather.



However, when the grain is incorporated, it becomes even more elastic and supple, allowing for easy bending. Moreover, the leather’s color remains vibrant even after prolonged use without fading or wearing out.



We have released some models of our leather series and will be introducing more colorful items besides black and navy. Let us take a look at some popular models.




The most popular note cover is “GENESIS“, which features a simple design and is made of a single piece of leather with reinforced corners. You’ll appreciate the aging process as it adds character to the cover.



The next item to consider is the “OWL-A5” note cover, which is crafted from durable leather on all surfaces. As you use it, the cover will become more accustomed to your notebook and your hand, resulting in a more comfortable feel over time.



The last option is ADLER, which is suitable for general-sized cards. It has an additional gusseted pocket on the exterior, which makes it versatile enough to be used as a business card holder or a commuter pass holder.


All of the products mentioned above are currently available at both our online shop and our physical stores located in GINZA. In addition to the wallets, we also have stationery and bags in stock on our official online shop. We have a wide variety of “Shrunken Calf ” models and colors for you to choose from. Please feel free to select any product you like, or contact us to check availability at any time.


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