The introduction of Original Cordovan leather.※こちらは海外のお客様向けのご案内です。


WILDSWANS has been producing products made of American Horween Shell Cordovan for a long time. However, in developing our original cordovan, we aimed to create one with different characteristics from Shell Cordovan. So this time, the special leather was originally developed by WILDSWANS and a Japanese tannery. As we all know, Cordovan leather is made from a specific layer of the horse’s hide, taken from the rump area. It has a distinct color different from ordinary cowhide due to its special manufacturing process. Not many tanneries can produce cordovan, but we handle both Shell Cordovan and domestically produced cordovan, including Original Cordovan.


We will continue to develop a wide range of products in the future, but at present, the original cordovan is available in the following two colors. First, we will introduce the gray color.  (Attention: because both colors are finished only with dyes, there will be a certain amount of difference in color and shade.) It is one of the colors rarely seen in cordovan, and has a chic atmosphere, but also has a different impression from black.


The next one is khaki, a deep olive green like you see in military scenes. Also, the original cordovan has the following main characteristics: the material is infused with plenty of oil and wax during the manufacturing process, resulting in slightly reduced oil content in the leather and a finish with a strong bounce. Therefore, Let’s take a look at some popular items in this material.


The ORIGINAL CORDOVAN / CANOPUS is a versatile A6 size notebook cover made of sturdy leather with pen holders and pockets for carrying business cards, cards, bookmarks, and more. It can be securely closed by putting a pen through the pen holders.


The PAB-1 is a streamlined one-piece fountain pen case made of resilient leather, designed for pens like the Montblanc 149 and Pelikan 1000. The leather securely holds the pens in place, preventing movement, and the part where the pen clip is inserted is made of durable, friction-resistant stamped leather for enhanced longevity.


The CYLINDER-S pen case is made of a single piece of leather rolled into a cylindrical shape and can hold 5 pens with fine shafts and 3 pens with medium shafts. The interior is lined with luxurious suede and features a raised leather surface, providing a comfortable touch and preventing scratching of the pens. The case can also be used as a pen tray by removing the hooks and opening it fully on a tabletop.

*Currently, this stock is only available at the WILDSWANS GINZA store.


The FRAGMENT features a 5mm pigeonhole for attaching a WILDSWANS carabiner key ring. You can use it as a wallet chain or wear it around your neck or shoulder. It has multiple card pockets and a YKK zipper. It can also be stored in the B-2 MAIN UNIT, which is another popular model of WILDSWANS.


The ENO wallet is a portable tri-fold with space for bills, coins, and up to 10 cards. The coin compartment has a partition and a spring hook, while the bill compartment allows for easy access.

*Currently, this stock is only available at the WILDSWANS GINZA store.


The GENESIS is made of seamless leather with reinforced corners and a leather belt closure. Inside, it has a binder clasp, pockets for business cards, and vertical gussetless pockets. It also includes two leather underlays, one of which has a pen holder.

*Currently, this stock is only available at the WILDSWANS GINZA store.


The PALM-V2 is a compact wallet that can hold coins and cards. It fits in your palm, making it easy to carry in your pocket or bag. There’s a card pocket for frequently used cards, and a partition inside the coin case to keep cards and folded receipts separate from coins. The bill compartment can smoothly accommodate even ten thousand yen bills.


Among them, it is the first original Cordovan developed by Wildswans in cooperation with a domestic tannery with proven technology. Since it has only been in the market for a short time and we have received some questions about this leather, we would like to introduce this original cordovan in detail again. It took three years from conception to completion to develop the original Cordovan, and we are proud of the quality of the raw hides and the tanning and finishing process. Original Cordovan is made from Polish raw hides. The Polish raw hides are of such high quality that even the world-famous Cordovan tanneries use them, and they are rare, thick-walled, and of high quality.


We are delighted to offer an exceptional shopping experience for our customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to inquire about stock availability.


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