The best-selling items for all stationery fans ※こちらは海外のお客様向けのご案内です。


As you may already know, we specialize in producing small leather goods and various types of stationery. Therefore, we highly recommend these two models to every WILDSWANS fan. A long-lasting, versatile, and timeless notebook cover is the perfect accessory to complement your style. Let’s take a closer look at them!



The first model, “BIBLE” will be rewarded for its impressive form which not only looks powerful but also protects its contents.



The exterior leather is made of various types of leather, such as shell cordovan. As it is used, you can experience different stages of aging.



The design of this object is both impressive and robust, which ensures a firm grip to protect your precious possessions. Furthermore, the interior is every bit as opulent as its exterior, with a full leather lining and an abundance of versatile pockets and card slots.



Remove the straps from the leather to see the interior. Each side has a pocket with a different posting. From cards to memos, please use them for your purposes.



The BIBLE has a reinforced backplate and leather corners to make it stronger. Also, it is classified as one of the least produced items in the standard product line. It has a unique atmosphere, even though the image is quite heavy, which adds to its value.



Next, we are excited to announce the release of our compact note cover “GENESIS” which unfortunately was discontinued back in 2012. Despite being out of production for many years, we continued to receive requests, so we are happy to inform you that we have now made GENESIS a standard item and added it to our product lineup.



The notebook is smaller than the BIBLE, and has a sturdy 6-hole structure that makes it compact and easy to carry around. Its cover features a leather-reinforced front panel, and a leather belt for opening and closing, which gives it an elegant and artistic appearance.



GENESIS comes with two leather underlays both featuring the WILDSWANS logo “S”, and the other with a pen holder.



There are no reinforcing parts on the back and exterior, giving it a sleek appearance and making it easy to handle due to moderate weight reduction.



All the above photos feature shell cordovan and original cordovan leather. The black and red combination was a custom order from overseas. Additionally, the olive color is currently in stock. We maintain separate stocks for our online shop and physical store. If standard items are sold out, you can reserve them and of course please don’t hesitate to contact us via insagram ( Wildswans support&garlley ) for stock inquiries.


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